Don’t Bury Your Candidates- Make Money with Them!

How can recruiters make money with little effort from work they’ve already done??

In recruiting, one of the age old questions is “what is the next move that is closest to the money?”  With most positions only taking one candidate to fill the role, “leftover” candidates are a constant by product of any search and can be a valuable source of potential income. The question is, how do you turn that potential into actual income. One thing you can do is focus your sales efforts on similar roles in the same geographical requirements. Another option is to make use of a split-fee network.

Keep in mind that there is a candidate driven side to split networks as well. If you have filled a position and find yourself with 1, 5, 10 great candidates at the end of the day with no other positions to present them to, what better way to try and capture some residual value for work you’ve already done than to place them with fellow recruiters’ openings? A split-fee network can help you capture that residual value. has provided a FREE platform for you to drive split-fee business at whatever level you choose. Post positions (confidentially if desired) for recruiting assistance, search for open positions to work on or, post your best candidates confidentially and have other recruiters reach out to you if they think they can utilize your work. Our network of recruiters have access to jobs that you do not. Similarly, you have candidates that they job holder would never come across. Access this worldwide network and increase your revenue almost effortlessly.

Once you are comfortable with contacts you make on our free split-fee network, also provides a sample split-fee agreement to sign with your new partner for added security!  Again, the split-fee platform is FREE so you don’t have to pay any registration or brokerage fees to use it. Make more money from the wake of your recruiting efforts!

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