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Hit Your Sales Refresh Button

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

The Bureau of Labor Statistics again reported a significant increase in temporary workers for the month of January – 52,000 jobs added. This is significant for a number of reasons.

First, it confirms that temporary staffing is certainly taking hold and progress is being made by staffing firms in temporary placements with their clients. For the third straight month now, temporary employment has risen in the 50,000 range each month.

Since a low point in the summer of 2009, BLS reports that nearly 250,000 new temporary jobs have been added. More importantly, 150,000 of those were in the last three months. This is great news for the staffing industry.

Although most of you have not reported a “dramatic” increase in business, most of you have noted that business is picking up.

Unemployment also ticked down in January to 9.7% from 10% in December. Even though most economists expect unemployment to remain at around 10% for a while, we can still take that as a step in the right direction.

After a long draught, we can safely say that the staffing industry is making a come-back. Will it be as fast as everyone wants it to be? Well, that depends on what we are willing to contribute to it most likely.

I was speaking with a good friend of mine in staffing who is a tenured and very talented blended desk recruiter and staffing sales person. She and I were discussing the concept of getting bogged down with the notion that business is still tight and holding back a little in our sales efforts due to our own pre-conceived notions of what that next call will bring.

We came to the conclusion that it’s time to “hit the sales refresh button” and pick up the phone again.

We joked that she would stand up, turn around a few times, do a few jumping jacks and then hit the sales refresh button. As silly as that sounds, it may be just what we all need to do to really jump start our own sales efforts again.

Time to call that client that you just called 2 weeks ago and re-visit your proposal.

Things change quickly in our business. If things can change for the worse, they can absolutely change for the better.

It’s time to hit the sales refresh button.

Perrin Peacock