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Things Are Heating Up

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

By Travis Scott

As a corporate recruiter, I can say that things had been fairly easy over the past couple of years.  Candidates were coming in droves- you could actually post jobs and get good quality candidates to apply.  Once you had a candidate engaged you didn’t really have to worry about them going anywhere because no one else was hiring.

However, something has happened since the beginning of the year.  Now when I am speaking with prospective candidates I am finding that they are in discussions with multiple companies- some further along in the recruiting process than others.  I feel lucky in that I support very attentive and responsive hiring managers at Comcast who generally get back to me pretty quickly with a decision on which candidates they want to interview that I have passed along.

In the past few weeks I have found that several candidates I was trying to set up interviews with have received (and accepted) offers from other companies.  Or, more often than not, if I find a candidate on a job board that has had their resume posted for more than 30-45 days have already received offers and are no longer looking for a job.

I’m sure you have been experiencing the same thing.  So its time to buckle down and start being “recruiters” again.  We have to stop assuming that candidates are going to be there longer than a month and that we can no longer allow our hiring managers to take their time in getting back to us.

Things are heating up and the fun is about to begin!


About our guest blogger: Travis Scott has been involved in the recruiting industry in some capacity or another since 2004 and is a contract Technical Recruiter at Comcast in Denver.  In his current contract he has been given the task of staffing the engineering team for the newly formed Converged Products group from the ground up.  Follow him on Twitter ( @milehighguy) or connect with him on LinkedIn.