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5 Ways to Ensure Added Placements

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

FeeTrader is excited to announce that our new layout is now displaying in your FeeTrader account which will make tracking and organizing your activity thru FeeTrader a snap and hence allow for added success!  Login and check it out!  The Job Activity page works similar to a flowing chart from left to right as your activity progresses from inquiries (split requests and bids) towards placements!  Also, you can track all your activity and save notes within your Job Activity page and keep this activity archived indefinitely.  It’s like a custom tailored ATS…with free membership!

Top 5 ways to ensure added placements using FeeTrader (with minimal time investment)!

1)      Post all your split-fee jobs to FeeTrader at no cost.

2)      Set up to 6 job search agents.  This takes only 5 minutes and you’ll never need to do it again.  You’ll be the first to know of fee-paid jobs that are posted that meet your sweet spot which will give you the advantage!

3)      Post your hot in-demand candidates (blinded) and employers and recruiters will contact you to work a deal.

4)      Search FeeTrader’s free candidate database.

5)      Consider upgrading to Platinum Access for

  • Unlimited Job Posts to Candidates (also appear on,, +)
  • 3 continuous and reusable “Premium Job Posts” (appear first in search results) for a much greater response rate!
  • Active leads to employers seeking agency/independent recruiting assistance*
  • Keep 100% of the fees received from member employers (no brokerage fee)
  • Direct access to hiring managers (no middleman)
  • Unlimited Candidate Profile Posts (to employers) for full-fee negotiation**

*FeeTrader allows recruiters to search job openings posted by hiring managers that are specifically seeking agency/independent recruiting help. Recruiters are able to use the FeeTrader system to market their services (or even a matching candidate summary for even greater effect) directly to the decision maker with a private bid.

**Employers can search these profiles and contact you directly with interest in your candidates for full fee negotiation.

Any of the 5 steps above individually will result in more placements.  Why not take 20 minutes and do all of them and be unstoppable?  It’ll be the best 20 minutes you spend today.

Enjoy the site and please refer your recruiter colleagues to


The FeeTrader Team