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New functionality! Build your own dynamic recruiting team on FeeTrader!

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Now you can easily build your own dynamic recruiting team (custom to you only) and seamlessly communicate new requirements to your team with FeeTrader’s new “Preferred Recruiters” functionality. Here’s how it works:

Simply add Preferred Recruiters (PRs) to your account which will automatically place your split-fee job posts onto your PR’s “Job Invites” page. When your PR logs in each day and checks their “Job Invites” page, they can take action and submit candidates (to you) on any of your positions that appears there. You’ll still get split inquiries like always from those outside of your PR list for your review.

Of course, the same will happen with you when others place you on their unique Preferred Recruiters list! Job Invites serves as your personal streaming jobs feed so you can get to them quickly and make more placements!

There is no more an efficient way to increase placement opportunities than FeeTrader!  Just login and go!

PS: Be sure to check out our new referral program from within your account to earn free months (or just go here to view!