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How to Recruit with Mobile Devices

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

We all know about the explosive growth of mobile devices. Most of us have smartphones that are with us all day, offering phone, e-mail, text and web communication. Mobile may be the smartest and safest way to search for a new job, as it’s easy to surf on the phone while at lunch or on a break, far from the eyes of a snooping boss. And yet, most recruiters struggle with the way to tap into this large and lucrative market. Part of the problem might be the size itself: mobile is so huge that it’s hard to find a starting place. Yet, the best strategy is the same with any big project: start with a small piece and build from there.

To start, look at the stats for your website and find out how many people access your site from a mobile device. Even if that number is around 20%, you might consider focusing on that audience. To do that, you’ll need to make a mobile-friendly version of your site. It’s not enough to make a mirror site—most people can access full websites on their mobile device, but few want to zoom in and scroll about  to read the page. Instead, you need to think in terms of the mobile world: it’s fast, concise and geared to yes/no answers. No one wants to scroll through a long-winded job description with their iPhone; instead, the description should be short, like the classified ads you used to run in the local newspaper. Offer a QR code that will take them to your main site, but be sure to offer an alternate route for those without the fanciest phones.

With the current state of mobile technology, you’re unlikely to accomplish everything through a cell phone communication, so don’t try. You still need to get a resumé, and most people don’t keep that document on their cell phone or on their work computer. A few might have it stored on a cloud server, or on an iPad, but this is still the minority. So, if your potential applicant decides to send you their resumé when they get home, why not offer them an automated SMS text reminder that they can receive at their chosen time, so they’ll remember to e-mail that resumé after dinner?

Another method is to use a mobile app. Unless you have a large number of repeat applicants (and if they’re repeat applicants, there may be good reasons that you haven’t hired them!), don’t create your own app, as it will not get much use in the general market. Instead, try a mobile-based applicant tracking system like Sendouts, which will allow applicants to send their CVs to your phone. And if you’re still trying to get your job announcements out to the public, use FeeTrader which automatically reposts your jobs to over 25 other major job sites.

As usual with a new and under-tested field, there are plenty of companies on the internet that will offer to take on your mobile platform for a tidy sum. However, with the new opportunity comes new ideas, and it might be a good idea to hear more suggestions before making a big decision. A company called M Recruiting Camp has hosted a couple of acclaimed seminars on mobile recruiting, and they have another one planned in Atlanta this September. For those considering a move to mobile recruiting, this seminar (or one like it) might offer the proper solutions. Mobile devices are here to stay, and recruiters owe it to themselves to use this exciting new platform. There are many possibilities, and many more ways to use them. The trick is discovering your best approach.