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How To Be A Better Recruiter Now!

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014


Harry Morgan, best known for playing Colonel Sherman Potter on “M*A*S*H”, died a few years ago at the age of 96. One of his best lines as Col. Potter has become a mantra with me: “The world is too big of a place to be in competition with everyone. The only person I need to be better than is the person I am right now.” Improving ourselves must be a primary focus for all of us, regardless of career, age or social status. Recruiters have a unique opportunity to help people improve themselves, but how can we improve ourselves at the same time?

To begin the process of self-improvement, we must know where we are now. Examine your own work habits and find places where you could be better. Analyze everything you do from the opening call to the final placement. Revisit the basics to be sure you’re not ignoring them. If you can, record your calls and study them later for ways to improve them. Don’t expect this to be easy: we all have egos and we have to keep them in check during this process.

Recruiters are in the people business. We must recognize the impact we have on the lives of the people we want to place. Take the time to get to know these people. Probe to find out what matters to them as they seek a new position. Listen carefully as they answer your questions, and note down anything they say that could inspire further questions. Use your knowledge of your clients and their available positions to fine-tune a match between candidate and career. Above all, keep at it—no matter how much research you do, there’s always another avenue to explore.

Recruiters are also in the sales business. We must convince our clients that we can deliver quality candidates in a timely manner, and to do so, we must convince our candidates that our clients are offering them a unique chance to improve their lives. To achieve these goals, being persuasive is one requirement and being a good closer is another. Can you convince someone in an argument, no matter how ridiculous the premise? If not, read Jonathan Swift’s masterful parody “A Modest Proposal” to see some of the methods to create a strong argument. And how many ways can you close a sale? Can you quickly adapt your standard closes to fit the immediate need?

Finally, recruiters are in the follow-up business. As a liaison between companies and candidates, it is vital to keep the communication channels open throughout the recruiting process. Keep everyone in the loop and keep the process moving so the placement can happen quickly and smoothly. If things start to disintegrate, find ways to fix the problems and retain the momentum. And if a deal does fall apart, let all of the parties know that you’ll work hard to complete the work you started.

Your own level of self-improvement will depend on your own experience, but striving for a better version of ourselves is an ongoing process which extends to all aspects of our lives. So make 2014 better for everyone, starting with you. Happy hunting!

Recruiters – Make Placements Using Pinterest

Monday, May 12th, 2014

At first glance, Pinterest may not seem to be a place for job recruiting, but several companies have had great success using this newer social platform. One reason why Pinterest has attracted recruiters is due to the creativity of the members. A new form of resume has emerged on Pinterest, using eye-catching graphic design. One film producer used the familiar drawings of man’s evolution to illustrate his education and burgeoning career. A communications expert with an interest in working for a wine company designed his CV on an oversized picture of a wine glass filled with descriptions of his work experience, with personal information, skills and education set off to the side. These are potential employees that are showing you practical examples of the work they could do for you! Going to Pinterest is the best way to find and attract them.

When setting up your own page on Pinterest, be creative in showing your company to its best advantage. Pictures and videos tell the story, so include a friendly video presentation about what makes your company special, including after-hours team events, green energy initiatives, and technological innovations. You can also post videos of current employees explaining their jobs and why they love working for your company. If your company has meetings in a famous city, pin photos of your employees enjoying the sites; if not, add photos of local attractions that are favorites among your workers. You can post just about any job to Pinterest, and expect a good response. When you post a job, make a new pin board for each job and then pin that to a larger board featuring all of the jobs from that department. Be sure to include a link to your main career website, with instructions on the application process. Better yet, use a QR code to take them directly to the application.

Travis Scott, Recruiter with Microsoft (@SeaWARecruiter) adds “There’s no doubt Pinterest is growing quickly.  I have begun a Pinterest page for Microsoft and, from a company standpoint, it’s a great way to become a window into the business so to speak.  Our board can be found at  Yum Brands (aka Pizza Hut) also do a great job with their Pinterest boards.”

At present, Pinterest does not allow direct contact between members, but its ties to Facebook and Twitter make those connections as easy as jumping platforms. Even at this relatively early stage of its history, Pinterest has attracted several major employers including the University of Oklahoma, the Kansas City (MO) Police Department, and Taco Bell. Additionally, FlexJobs, a recruiting company specializing in telecommuting jobs, offers a Pinterest forum to assist job seekers in finding current trends and making the most of their job search. Pinterest offers many opportunities for the recruiter; can you find the ways to make it work for you?