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Are Candidate Pipelines More Like a Pipe Dream?

Sunday, November 22nd, 2015

If you’ve been in recruiting for any period of time you’ve probably heard about the benefits of building a candidate pipeline.  However, it seems that given all of the virtues associated with a strong pipeline, the benefits never materialize.

The concept is solid in theory – create a list of prospective candidates that you can tap into when new roles open up.  Sounds great, right?  Who wouldn’t want to have a list of prospective candidates at their fingertips?!  The reality is that you already have this list.  You likely just lack the appropriate process and mechanism to nurture the contacts into leads and, ultimately, into hires.


Exelare & FeeTrader Integrate Recruiting Platforms!

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

Exelare ATS/CRM users can now seamlessly post their jobs to FeeTrader’s job board distribution and/or 6,500 member split-fee network.

Denver, Colorado

Dallas-based ATS/CRM provider for staffing firms Exelare and Denver-based job board and split-fee network announce their integration allowing users seamless use of both platforms. Exelare users can elect to cross post jobs from their Exelare accounts to also appear on FeeTrader’s job board and/or split-fee network. FeeTrader’s job board reposts the jobs automatically to over 30 major job sites and social media for vast exposure.

Both services host over 5,000 recruiter users each and are driven to provide them with more efficiency and options to get their “jobs filled fast”, FeeTrader’s tagline. Exelare is building the most advanced CRM/ATS on the market, a web-based and cross-browser compatible software for Recruiters, Sourcers, Team Managers & Administrators. Exelare enables recruiting teams of all sizes to thrive in the ultra competitive world of talent acquisition.

Director of Business Development with Exelare, Bryan Wilson, states “Exelare is always looking for ways to help our recruiting clients make more placements. When we found FeeTrader, we immediately recognized how valuable of a service they had created. It really was a no brainer to integrate with them. With little to no extra effort, recruiters can now streamline the placement process. Less time spent, more money made. What’s not to love!”

FeeTrader Co-Founder, Scott Croasdale, comments on the new integration: “We’ve considered many ATS/CRM providers and, through thorough research and speaking with users, have deemed Exelare to be the highest quality fit for FeeTrader’s user base. Coupled with FeeTrader’s industry leading job posting, split-fee network and job order leads platform, Exelare users can significantly increase their edge with enhanced candidate flow and business opportunities while FeeTrader users will benefit from Exelare’s acclaimed features.”

FeeTrader Partner, Dan Gusmerotti, speaks further on the integration, “Job posting is an integral part of any recruiting business. Organic search only reaches one part of the market. FeeTrader’s ability to seamlessly allow Exelare users access to cost effective sponsored job ads with one click enhances their ability to make more placements. We are very excited to partner with a recruiting platform as sophisticated as Exelare and about what this partnership offers both parties’ users.”


Denver-based provides a revolutionary recruiting platform designed to increase efficiencies and “fill jobs fast”. Their services include job posting (automatically appearing on over 30 major job boards and social media), a 6,500 member split-fee network and access to direct client fee-paying job orders. For more information, visit Contact:
Scott Croasdale, Partner/Co-Founder
(303) 867-0162

About Exelare

Exelare is the next generation recruiting & sourcing platform from cBizSoft. Fully web-based and cross-browser compatible, Exelare is set to completely change the way recruiting teams work in the 21st century. Exelare’s powerful features for Recruiters, Sourcers, Team Managers & Administrators enables recruiting teams of all sizes to thrive in the ultra competitive world of talent acquisition.

Exelare Contact:
Bryan Wilson, Director of Business Development


Setting up FeeTrader Integration with Exelare:


How To Post Jobs That Attract Candidates

Sunday, November 1st, 2015

I’m not going to lie.  I enjoyed having a name like Microsoft behind the jobs I recruit for.  That, in and of itself, is great for getting people’s attention and even driving passive candidates to our career website to apply.

However, not every recruiter out there hires people for Microsoft or Facebook or Apple.  I’m guessing a lot of you work for small companies and even startups who are just trying to make a name for themselves.  Which, the fastest way to do this is to hire super motivated, super smart people.  Notice I mentioned motivated above smart (that’s a whole other topic).

Before I get off-topic, I’ll try to finish this thought….

A lot of times I think recruiters and hiring managers think of job descriptions and titles as an after-thought or just something we have to do before we can start hunting for candidates.  However, if you take the time to formulate an attractive job description and title you can save yourself a TON of time on the back-end by actually attracting the targeted talent you are looking for versus the time-consuming task of sourcing through sources like job boards and LinkedIn.

Your job description is an ad.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Your title is the first thing that prospects see.  You NEED to get their attention.  As a recruiter, you need to look at this as your advertising, your hook that is going to peak the right person’s interest and then move them to apply.

The first paragraph of the job description should get to the point and tell the prospect why they should apply; why your company, this group and this job is a great opportunity for them to further their career.

If you don’t nail this first paragraph, they’ll probably move on.  Its like any other form of internet collateral.  You have 10 seconds or less to make your point and get them to either read more or move to the next desired step.

Another topic that I will discuss in more depth in another post is making sure that you can collect, analyze and measure the data around your postings.  You should have an analytics system of some kind built into the page/site that hosts your job descriptions.  It is important for you to know what is going on with that posting besides just how many applicants you receive.  You can make much better decisions about the effectiveness of your posting when you know how many times it has been viewed and measure that against applicants to begin to establish a benchmark for measuring the future success of your job postings.

Honestly, I’m tired of hearing people talk about all of the tricks to boolean searches and internet sourcing.  That’s time consuming.  Attract the right talent from the beginning and save yourself and your organization some time.  In this economy, individual recruiters are now handling the workload of 2-3 recruiters so it’s important that you work smarter, not harder.  Approach your recruiting strategy with a marketing strategy and it will pay off in the long run. – Travis Scott