5 Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Millennials

Employers should have a firm understanding when establishing their recruiting plan. They should understand the importance and value of recruiting Millennials and the Generation X because it will help them understand whether potential candidates will reject or accept positions within their organization. Successful employees must not only take into consideration the position that is available, but also the type of employees that are needed to fill the positions. If they make an effective hiring, employee retention will significantly increase.

As it stands, about half of all the current workforce is either Millennials or Generation X and it’s predicted to rise over the next decade to around three-quarters mark. This transition presents major obstacles for employers. Individuals with different values and ideas, different ways of operating and communication in the workplace, will be the pressing issues on many companies’ agenda. How do you then attract the brightest candidates of the millennial generation?

What motivates younger job candidates?

First, it’s important to understand what actually motivates the Millennials. Perks, benefits, and other advantages, not just ranks and salaries, are hugely important the same as opportunities, companies corporate social responsibilities and professional development. A sense of belonging and team should not be underestimated, organizations need to emphasize mentorship, training, and team culture as their selling point.

Conducting a dialogue when recruiting them

Millennials are well-informed, smart and unwilling to consider one-size-fit-all recruitment strategies. They favor companies that understand them individually, dialogue with them and build a relationship and offer employee experience that looks at both their needs and aspirations, not just their skills. Millennia’s like Gen X, are asking for the same things, but they just go about it in different ways, meaning that companies need to rethink their rulebook when it comes to attracting them and retention.

Make work fun, challenging and exciting

For Millennials work in supposed to be fun. Keep them challenged and engaged by offering them additional responsibilities it makes them feel appreciated and they are moving somewhere. This is a group that has a free-flow intersection between life and work. Fun doesn’t mean you leave the office, just give them what they want all day and they love change, so it up for them to add more fun.

Recognize their efforts

Make sure you recognize the efforts when managers deliver recognition, not just the end results. By recognizing their efforts, you will initialize self-worth and also that gives you the opportunity to provide coaching and mentoring.

Provide frequent feedback

Millennials are always on point to deliver if they get instant gratification. As an employer. You need to provide frequent feedback to feel this need, it fulfills the desire of wanting information offering the opportunity to learn and improve.

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