What to Consider When Hiring in the Digital Age

As technology advances, it increases its impact in our world. It’s clear that your company needs  people with a clue clued  now more than ever. It makes sense that recent graduates will fit the bill, but just how prepared are you? Technology continues to evolve, it is playing an increasingly important role in the way many companies approach the hiring process. Smart companies know what they want and what suitable digital candidates look for when seeking employment. Here is a list of what to expect.

Easy and fast application process

Today’s digital age job seekers are aware of the competitive job market and they know their worth. They see opportunities everywhere and if an employee makes the application process difficult or even takes too long to respond, they just pass their resumes out for another job opening. For employers to attract the digital era candidates, address this issue by using recruitment marketing technologies. These integrated platforms are effective and enable the collaborative hiring of top talents.

It’s all about digital

Traditional paper resumes and in-person interviews have been supplemented with online job applications. Companies are using innovative tools like social media to get tremendous insight about potential candidates. They are using digital platforms to their advantage by adding resumes and other important information. More employers are levering video interviews and webcam the streamline the hiring process. To get the digital age top seed, you have to embrace the digital hiring model.

Your brand is the key selling point

Digital candidates will evaluate your brand before applying or accepting a job. They’ll research you as much as you research them. They need to get all the information about your company and brand, so make sure your website is a strong marketing tool for your brand and engaging too. Companies’ websites are top job hunting sources for potential candidates. A well-designed career site will reflect the brand image, the company’s vision, mission, and values. The company detailed job description in combination with experience and online application helps job seekers to determine if they are culturally fit for your organization.

Focus on passive candidates

The number of Gen Y and Gen Z workers is increasing, and their employment expectations differ from older generations. They are passive candidates. They don’t necessarily seek a job, but they are open to new opportunities. To find this candidate, look for them anywhere else they have the web or try social media. Today’s professional expects employers to search for them.

It’s clear that you cannot hire candidates depending on their degree acquired.  You need to also consider experience, academic virtues, personality and personal goals. 

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