How Unintended Gender-Bias In Job Posts Slow Your Hiring Process

One of the most common reasons why companies lack diversity is the lack of having employees from underrepresented groups. This does not only limit diversity in employing and attracting talents, it also slows the entire hiring process. One way of attracting and finally getting to hire qualified candidates is by boosting your pipeline and removing the gender-based language from your application forms.

The concept of gendered job listings is gaining recognition, it refers to the use of female or male terms within the job description. This has been a huge problem for companies that focus on bringing underrepresented groups or more women in technology. Looking for perfect candidates (unicorns) is not easy and putting certain requirement will make it even harder.

Flood your pipeline

Flooding your pipeline is a better way of reaching a wider pool of applicants including candidates from underrepresented groups.  When you flood your pipeline you’re more likely to attract and have more applicants, which will improve diversity and speed up your hiring process.  However, when you exclude certain genders from applying for a post in your company, you are excluding half of potential employees.

When companies use gender language in the application process, potential employees with the right skills and experience will read your job description, but won’t apply because of the gender language. When the gender language in removed from your application process, your company will be open to all applicants and have the highest chance of getting the best candidate for the job.

Not as hard as it seems

Removing gender language doesn’t have to be time-consuming or as difficult as it may seem. Just use neutral words in your job listing. Gender listings will be understood differently by different candidates out there. Some words like aggressive, assertive, strong or competitive, skew male, while words like community-nurture or concerned skew female. Avoid these biased words and use your best bet, gender-neutral terms. For example, instead of listing, you are looking for ‘a strong programmer who can thrive in competitive working place’, why don’t you list something like ‘an exceptional programmer motivated by goals’?

The simple act of using gender-neutral language offer tremendous diversity for employers. Ignore gender language, take a few extra minutes and review your job description and be sure your doors will be wide open for a unicorn candidate for your job.

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