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Key Changes to the Recruitment Process

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

Talent recruitment is one of the key issues that companies and businesses must solve. Attracting the right talent is not as easy as it might sound, especially in this current recruitment landscape. Companies are exposed to changes in the recruitment industry. Hiring and developing great talents is the most important thing any company can do. What’s changed though is the way they hire. Job boards might work for some positions, but to consistently and reliably get top tier talent to your company, you need to use a new approach: focus on the candidate’s engagement.

Convert passive candidates

Passive candidates have to be pursued to want to have a working relationship with you. They are really not interested in job alerts, so you have to think of the best reason to lure them to hand over their contacts to you. This could include:

  • Events: this could be sponsoring one or hosting one yourself. What does this offer to your company? Access to a pool of highly talented and qualified candidates and the chance to make a positive statement about your company in the ongoing event.
  • Talent community: talent communities offer mixed-up results, but if done right, they have huge benefits. Your talent community search should be based on specific persona or skill sets, for better success than a generalized one.

The importance of engagement

When you are thinking about hiring new talents, you can take a lot of guidance from marketers and the way they approach and handle their customer acquisition. Why does this make sense? Companies are prepared to build a relationship with customers before asking them to purchase. The customer life cycle is changing and this is far more effective than just assuming they will purchase.

How can recruiters learn from this change of events? 

Recruiters should understand the importance of continuously building a pipeline of prospects. Building and nurturing these relationships results in their having a receptive base lead that is interested in learning more. It may seem simple, but it’s under generally utilized.  Doing so helps many companies make major quality hires and cut the time they spend on recruiting process.

Fatal errors to avoid

One fatal error that companies make when recruiting is they forget about the people who applied previously. Over time, companies have a huge database with thousands of candidates. Many of these candidates may identify strongly with your company, that’s why they applied. Reaching out to them is fast and cost-effective and they could be a perfect fit.

Many companies are leveraging these strategies today by analyzing their recruitment model, the impacting digitalization on the recruitment sector and focusing on major problems they must solve when recruiting. Companies that get engagement will continue to flourish.