FeeTrader, TechScreen aim at recruiting accuracy. New partnership will help FeeTrader recruiters improve candidate vetting

FeeTrader and TechScreen have formed a partnership meant to confront one of the biggest pain points in the IT recruiting industry: Managers snubbing star candidates with modest resumes without even giving them a phone screen.

A rejected candidate burns all the time a recruiter spent to make that submittal, so getting managers to interview more candidates is the key to achieving more success. FeeTrader and TechScreen’s alliance will move the needle in that direction.

FeeTrader hosts over 9,000 agency and corporate recruiters with the primary objective of optimizing recruiting efficiencies and to get “jobs filled fast”. TechScreen has the world’s only SaaS product that lets a recruiter conduct, score and document a detailed interview of an IT candidate. “FeeTrader has become a prominent player in the recruiting and job posting space and with this alliance with TechScreen, users can immediately increase their success in vetting candidates, saving considerable time of their own as well as their internal or external customers,” FeeTrader co-founder and Managing Director Scott Croasdale said. “TechScreen’s innovative and proven platform and cost-effective solution has rendered them the highest quality fit for FeeTrader’s user base.”

“We saw great synergy in partnering with FeeTrader. Their users are committed professionals who value SaaS technology in helping deliver their services,” TechScreen CEO Mark Knowlton said. “Working with TechScreen will help FeeTrader users deliver a higher level of service to their clients and make more placements. ATS vendor Jobvite did a study in 2015 that showed the average Interview-to-Offer ratio is 17%. TechScreen had a client experience a 70% Interview to Offer ratio, so we want FeeTrader users to see similar results.”

For a free 30-day trial of TechScreen (no credit card required), click here.

About FeeTrader.com
Boulder, CO-based FeeTrader provides a revolutionary platform designed to expedite job placements and create efficiencies within the staffing and recruiting industry. Their one-stop recruiting services range from headhunter job-order bidding, split-fee network, resume database, and job posting (automatically appearing on over 30 major job boards and social media). For more information, call 303-867-0162 and visit FeeTrader

About TechScreen
Hopkinton, MA-based TechScreen helps recruiters effectively screen IT candidates by guiding them through a detailed phone interview. Their patent-pending algorithm helps score the accuracy of the candidate’s answers along with the efficacy of the delivery. Recruiters can send the result to the manager in a PDF, ending their reliance solely on the resume. For more information, visit TechScreen

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