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Thursday, November 15th, 2018

The gig economy

Instead of waking up every morning to a full-time job tying you up until the required hours are complete, a growing percentage of workers are turning to gigs that fit their expertise and life needs.  Companies hand over temporary projects to contractors who deliver the product for payment. People have found numerous freelance opportunities with the internet and apps where they offer their skills and talents to earn income allowing them extreme flexibility to take care of personal matters or to simply live this more freedom based work-life. Freelancers use such ubiquitous verticals as Uber, where you just need a suitable car or Airbnb if you have a place to rent.  Others include Fiverr and even for Recruiters,!  This very article was written and contributed by virtue of the gig economy!uber_taxi

Now, the sweet side of working gigs is as follows.


No need to wait for someone to wake you up for work. If you are a student, you can commit two hours of freelancing before or after classes. For a single parent, you can work on a project while you wait for your kids to get home for school or do house chores. Gigs are not limited to specific people, if you have time to spare, no one will ask you questions. All you need is to deliver quality work. Similarly, you can make it your full-time job and work wherever you are without concern. That’s how flexible it is; both with the working hours and where you want to be while working.  The beach?  The mountains?  Sure thing.

Style of work

Freelancing jobs can be less demanding than full-time work, but that doesn’t mean you can bypass requirements needed to build a comprehensive freelance portfolio. Once you are assigned, you can earn from the comfort of your home, on your way to town, at the park, etc. Many travel the world and still manage to fill their bank accounts back at home. The deal is attractive especially when you are committed.  By committed, I mean working diligently and effectively to complete the project entrusted to you by those offering the gig which can range from large companies to sole proprietors.


Well, everything sweet has a bitter side and the new gig economy almost never comes with benefits typically offered by an employer. It’s totally up to you to manage that money in every aspect of your life and take precautions to avoid being conned or short on cash for the healthcare or things you need.  If you’re responsible, conservative, and well organized, the new gig economy can offer lifestyles only previously enjoyed by the wealthy.